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Christian innovation is a topic that has emerged for congregations, community leaders, and aspiring faith-rooted entrepreneurs. But what does it really mean to innovate as a Christian? Why does it even matter?

In this book, learn a six-step approach to Christian innovation grounded in the life and ministry of Jesus, and African diasporic people’s ingenious experiences: what the authors’ communities call making a way out of no way. Journey with Stephen Lewis and Kimberly R. Daniel to encounter stories from diverse experiences, reflect theologically and explore ideas and practices for Christian innovation to create a more just world. 

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Praise for A Way Out of No Way

Lewis and Daniel's powerful offering is a groundbreaking contribution to the evolving discourse around Christian Social Innovation. At once spiritually grounded, insightful, and accessible, it should be required reading for anyone interested in how to use their faith as the foundation for their entrepreneurial ventures that help heal the wounds caused by systemic inequality.

Rev. Jennifer Bailey
Founder of Faith Matters Network
Author of To My Beloveds: Letters on Faith, Race, Loss, and Radical Hope

Praise for A Way Out of No Way

This new work by Stephen Lewis and Kimberly Daniel, “A Way Out of No Way,” is a guide those of us working in social entrepreneurship that many Christians have been looking for. Their underlying premise is: Christian innovation should, like Jesus, speak good news to the poor! Their hopeful message in the midst of overlapping crises is that we CAN create an alternative to the extractive, predatory, business as usual and help communities thrive using innovation. 

 The Rev. Cannon Rosa Lee Harden
Co-Founder, SOCAP
Executive Producer, Faith+Finance

Meet the authors

A Way out of No Way is a new book written by two leaders of the Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE), a national leadership incubator for emerging Christian leaders. Click below to learn more about the authors.

Stephen Lewis

Stephen is the president of the Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE) and creator and co-founder of DO GOOD X, a start-up accelerator for diverse Christian social entrepreneurs. He is an organizational change strategist and a leadership development specialist, focused on inspiring the next generation of faith-inspired leaders and entrepreneurs to live and work on purpose. In 2020, Stephen co-authored Another Way: Living and Leading Change on Purpose.

Kimberly R. Daniel

Kimberly is senior director of communications at the Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE). She also co-founded and directs DO GOOD X, an accelerator for diverse Christian social entrepreneurs and an innovation of FTE. Kimberly has over a decade of experience developing and leading communications strategies and efforts at non-profit organizations, is a certified life coach, and has helped to catalyze entrepreneurs to do good. She is driven to inspire people to align with their purpose and to make magic happen with their gifts.

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Praise for A Way Out of No Way

We desperately need stories brimming with hope and practical frameworks for how to make new ideas come to life. This time tested new book achieves both.

If you or your organization feels stuck you must read “A Way Out of No Way”. You will discover grounded stories of social entrepreneurs, insightful theological reflection, and a firm commitment to neighbors who find themselves on the underside of power. If you are discerning starting something new this book provides the practical pathway you need to launch and build momentum. Highly recommended!

Tim Soerens
Author of Everywhere You Look: Discovering the Church, Right Where You Are
Executive Director of the Parish Collective

Praise for A Way Out of No Way

All my life I've been attracted to innovation and I read all I can about it. But when I was just a few pages into “A Way Out of No Way,” I knew this book was different. It starts with assumptions that are uniquely and deeply Christian, because it challenges us to ask, from the start, "Who benefits? And it further challenges us to not just be entrepreneurs, but to create entrepreneurial communities. Highly recommended.


Brian D. McLaren
Author of Faith After Doubt

Praise for A Way Out of No Way

“A Way out of No Way” is the North Star that those of us looking to aid in the flourishing of all of God's people need to lead us to emancipation from "age old practices of innovation." Serving as capable conductors of a 21st century freedom train, Kimberly and Stephen offer a perspective and approach to innovation that honors the lived experiences of African diasporic peoples and followers of Jesus. In doing so they provide a better way to create with what we have and imagine what's in front of not beyond us. Both a sacred and practical text for those working at the "intersections of ministry and entrepreneurship," this work recognizes the humanity of the disenfranchised, the socially vulnerable, the undervalued and under-resourced. The authors provide us with tools to build new seats and new tables offering plenty of good room to those who have been historically overlooked by the wealthy 1%. In the midst of ongoing challenges, "A Way out of No Way", gives us a new lense from which to call forward abundance and create "alternatives to business as usual" wherein the rich get richer and the poorer get poorer.

The Rev. Dr. Melva Sampson
Assistant Professor of Preaching and Practical Theology at Wake Forest University School of Divinity