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12 Reasons to be Thankful

By: Stephen Lewis
December 20, 2013

As this year comes to a close, we are grateful for FTE’s Alumni, friends and partners who have helped us discern FTE’s next faithful steps toward God’s unfolding future. We appreciate the many ways that you have prayed and supported FTE during this season of transition and anticipation. On behalf of the FTE Board and staff, I want to express our deep appreciation and gratitude for you.
As I reflect back on the year, we are thankful for:

  1. The next generation of preachers and scholars who are excited about their vocations, the Gospel and their role in working toward God’s healing, justice and peace in the world
  2. Consultants who helped us to think critically and strategically about FTE’s brand, tactics and work
  3. Conversation partners who pushed us to think more expansively about where God is calling FTE and its connections to communities it has not worked with in the past
  4. Researchers and their findings that have informed our hunches and decisions about FTE’s future work
  5. Leaders within theological education who assisted us in redesigning and relaunching FTE’s doctoral program
  6. Theological colleagues within the Canadian context who invited FTE to listen in on its own deliberation and discernment with regard to their next steps in theological education
  7. A mentoring community and colleagues that tirelessly support the next generation of Christian leaders, pastors and religious scholars to live into meaningful callings
  8. Opportunities to experiment and prototype new ideas, learn from them and scale them over time
  9. Professional meetings of colleagues and peers who come together annually to share, learn, support and celebrate each other’s individual, organizational and communal work in service to the life of the church and academy
  10. Meaningful and important work that matters to the church, academy and new generations of Christian leaders, pastors and scholars
  11. FTE colleagues, old and new, who are critical to advancing the organization’s vision and mission
  12. Our beloved Alumni, friends and families who supported us, encouraged us and cheered us along this year

In the spirit of Ubuntu, because of you FTE is and will continue strive to become what it is called to be for the sake of God’s church and work in the world. Thank you!

During this season of Advent, I pray that the epiphany of the Holy child—God who is with us—continues to surprise us with the birth of a new day and a new year to come.

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