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2020 Excellence in Mentoring Award Announced

By: FTE Leaders
December 15, 2020

She represents the purpose of this award, as someone who embodies holistic mentoring, caring for mind, body, and soul.

FTE is proud to announce Dr. AnneMarie Mingo as the recipient of the 2020 Excellence in Mentoring Award.

Established by FTE in 2017, the Excellence in Mentoring Award recognizes mentors in FTE’s doctoral community who demonstrate a sustained commitment to the advancement of scholars of color through integrative mentorship practices. Each year we seek nominations from within our network who demonstrate mentoring excellence through:

  • A sustained investment in mentoring scholars of color,
  • a holistic approach to mentoring scholars of color
  • mentoring students and peers in the academy and broader community and
  • evidence of accountability and healthy boundary setting as a mentor.

Beyond mentoring FTE Fellows, Dr. Mingo is the founder of Sister Scholars, an organization for women of African descent who are pursuing or have completed their doctorates in various fields. She offers writing groups, peer-support and engages in service such as donating books to women in transitional shelters.

In the words of her nominator:

AnneMarie believes in work hard and celebrate hard! She encourages you in every word, phrase and punctuation mark. She takes nothing for granted and understands all that it takes to be a scholar. Through her various mentoring and scholarly support groups, AnneMarie reminds us to take care of the entire person from eating well, to breathing, exercising, stretching and resting. She listens well and where she can extend opportunities that will build you as a scholar, she does.

Senior Director of Learning Design, Dr. Patrick Reyes added, “Dr. Mingo is a mentor of mentors. She represents the purpose of this award, as someone who embodies holistic mentoring, caring for mind, body, and soul. She is modeling for future generations how to build a collective sense of purpose, over competition; a sense of healing, over burnout; excellence as a scholar-colleague, over just a scholar. We hope our Fellows will learn from her mentoring practices as they advance in their careers.”

This is the fourth Excellence in Mentoring Award. Past awardees include:

  • Dr. Kwok Pui Lan (2017)
  • Dr. Dale P. Andrews (2018)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Conde Frazier (2019)

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