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Finding Hope

By: Queen Frye
June 23, 2017

I never could name the question I was seeking the answer to until June 1, 2017. After worship one night during the Christian Leadership Forum I busted into deep, flowing tears…

I traveled to Atlanta from Minneapolis on a wondrous search to discover more about my vocation and connect with other individuals that are discerning their call to ministry. I believe through our God-given gifts, we all have an opportunity to share our experiences and minister to others.

My heart gave into my emotions and I began to cry as I looked at the curation wall—a wall that represented the thoughts, fears, hopes and questions that the community held.

The question that I was seeking the answer to had surfaced—how do I show up here?. In my negative mind, everyone else belonged here. Everyone else was more experienced than I. What do I have to offer? How do I show up here? I thought to myself, “I’m not supposed to be here”. I cried as I shared these troubling questions and thoughts with someone who cared enough to stop and spend time with me.

Seeking and going after God’s call for my life sometimes has me feeling like Peter—hesitant to step out of the boat on faith.

During the Forum, the community kept affirming everyone’s existence and participation in God’s work in the world. As one body and one movement, I realized that I show up in the way that God has gifted me—to see and bring hope and joy. I believe that I was gifted hope during my participation at the Forum; with God all things are possible and the work that we are doing is valuable and transcending.

I am reminded of this hope as I show up and add value anywhere that I go.

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