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A Resolution for Religion

By: Stephen Lewis
January 13, 2015

Happy New Year!

With the advent of every year, we gain a fresh start or a new perspective on where we are, where we have been or perhaps what fills us with hope to begin. The beginning of each year provides Christians an opportunity to reflect and discover God’s epiphanies in their lives, communities of faith and through their witness in the world.

I believe that this year is filled with new epiphanies as FTE faithfully begins the next decade of its historical work. My sense is that the Spirit is mischievously up to something new and exciting as she calls you and me to conspire in shaping the future of the church, academy and communities around the world on behalf of God’s love, justice and compassion for all. I believe that you and I have a significant role to play this year together in partnering with God to shape the future.

This is the hope among those who follow in the way of Jesus and the disinherited; people who can’t breathe; dwell on the margins of society; and whose lives cry out for a more abundant, whole and compassionate life. This is the hope dripping from the starving mouths of those who want to taste and see the world anew.

I believe that religion has an important role in shaping a more hopeful world.

I believe that religion has an important role in shaping a more hopeful world. My prayer this year is that religion—which means to reconnect—whether it’s organized, disorganized or organic, will rejoin us to the profound, communion of life that is deep within us, between us and transcends beyond us. Our religion will call and inspire us to shape a better future so that more of us might thrive toward the fullness of God’s epiphany seeking to reveal itself in our lives. And my prayer is that the religion entrusted to us will compel young and older Christians to make a lasting difference in the world as leaders, pastors and theological educators.

This is my hope and resolve for God’s church, God’s people and God’s leaders longing to shape the future faithfully, wisely and courageously. May it be so even more this year!

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