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An Invitational Prayer

By: Cassidhe Hart
August 15, 2013

Morning prayer given at the opening worship service during the Leaders In Ministry Conference.

God of all Creation,
You have brought us here to walk with you.
We come from many places on the journey of our call.

“Call us out of our tombs and into a joyful resurrection.”

Some of us, like Moses at the burning bush, have just finished giving you our list of excuses, and we are waiting for the knowledge of your name to take away our fear.
Others of us are with Sarah, and we laugh at the idea that our barren places will ever grow the Kingdom we so desperately long for.

And some of us are like Jonah, mixed-up and muddled-up, sitting under our dead shrub and not sure why you’ve brought us where we are.
But maybe we are like Miriam, or David, and we hear your voice and dance to praise you for the valleys you have carried us through.

Whether we come from a place of exhaustion or of celebration, a sense of sureness or feelings of doubt, we invite your Holy Spirit to breathe in us.
Call us out of our tombs and into a joyful resurrection.

May we be conduits of grace and holy energy for each other, so that we can hear your call more clearly.
May you give us the strength to be vulnerable, so that we might walk with each other.

And may we be open enough to receive your gifts from the hands of our neighbors.
Break down the walls of our fear and build us into your Kingdom.

We invite you to fill our whole selves, our communities, and this place of worship.
In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

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