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Are You Called to Ministry?

By: Patrick B. Reyes
March 21, 2022

The church needs inspiring young adults to take up the call to ministry.

So if you have been called or are curious to explore what God might have in store for you, then enroll in FTE’s course Called to Pastoral Ministry, FTE’s learning experience to affirm and support the next generation of Christian leaders for the church.

But what if you are saying to yourself…

  • There is no pathway to priesthood for me.
  • Preaching doesn’t include bodies like mine.
  • Serving the congregation feels like volunteering.
  • Bringing Good News is hard when the world is full of distractions, hate-filled headlines, and misinformation.

What if, the barriers to serve are overwhelming:

    • Finding a denominational home (especially for young adults not raised in the church, have lost touch with their home denomination, or have been wounded by the church);
    • The cost of seminary is simply too much (Black and Latino/a students are graduating seminary with almost $50,000 in educational loan debt);
    • The changing nature of congregational life makes the work uncertain; and,
    • The ordination process has more barriers than answers or support!

    And yet…

    You are called to pastor.

    You are called to preach.

    You are called to serve a congregation.

    You are called to bring Good News to the people.

    You were called…full stop!

    You were called by God to pastor, preach, serve, and bring Good News! Called to Pastoral Ministry is FTE’s attempt to share almost 70 years of experience supporting the next generation of Christian Leaders. Combining evidence-based vocational discernment practices and an inspiring group of instructors to help you discern your pathway to ministry, FTE has created a learning experience that:

    • Affirms your call to minister, preach, serve, and bring Good News to the people;
    • Provides inspirational stories and insights from women, BIPOC, and other pastors from marginalized groups;
    • Equips you with evidenced-based vocational discernment practices for you to discern your call; and
    • Supports your path to ministry by helping you determine your next most faithful step to ministry!

    We want to lower the barriers for you as well. For 2022 only, this course is being offered free to anyone who enrolls by April 1. You can click here to enroll or learn more about the course and its instructors.

    FTE believes you were called to ministry. The learning experience is designed to surround you with a community that loves and supports that call—no matter what anyone has told you in the past.

    Be sure to check out, FTE’s other course offerings at

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