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Ask a Millennial Why They Stay

By: Rob Lee

“There is deep fulfillment in the church for many Millennials…”

If you’re in any church circle I’m sure you’ve heard a conversation about the exodus of Millennials from the church and discussed how to prevent it and reverse the damage already done. Countless books have been written and ink spilled trying to articulate the realities of why the “church” isn’t working for my generation.

It really bothers me when people talk and focus on what Millennials are doing wrong and forget the good that is being done by these young adults.

Millennials are doing wonderful, exciting, innovative, and exhilarating things in and through the church. One of the beautiful things about the Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE) is that it enables Millennials who are called to serve the church to have a voice and cultivate their vocation.

Next time you have the opportunity, ask a Millennial in your church or faith community this simple question about their continued involvement. Why? Why does he/she stay a part of a community of faith? I’m sure the answers will surprise you.

There is deep fulfillment in the church for many Millennials, and we all are responsible for tapping into this reality and finding new ways to sing the song in the heart of God to a generation who so desperately wants to hear it.

The reality is that every generation struggles with the great questions of our existence. There are countless Millennials who are staying in church, working in church, and creating a space for worship and fellowship. How will you be a part of this revolution?

Rob Lee is a North Carolina native and undergraduate student at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. Rob is currently pursuing a degree in religious studies with a minor in Appalachian Studies. He grew up in the United Methodist Church, but has sojourned with the Episcopal Church and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship as well. During his high school years, Rob attended the Duke Youth Academy at Duke Divinity School and the Youth Theological Initiative at Candler School of Theology, Emory University. Rob was a delegate to the 2012 General Conference of the United Methodist Church, held in Tampa, Florida. He currently writes for a variety of North Carolina newspapers, and blogs regularly in the Huffington Post and other various outlets. Follow him on Twitter, @roblee4.

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