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The Sikh

In light of the deaths of six devout Sikhs, gathered for worship in the sanctity of their gurdwara when they were brutally murdered on Sunday in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, this story from the days immediately following 9/11 has taken on new meaning for me. These latest victims are not alone. Hate crimes against Muslims and those imagined to be Muslim rose 1,600% after 9/11. The number of devout, peace-loving, non-violent people who have been profiled, beaten, stabbed and shot over the past decade have been legion. But this time the whole country was watching.

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August 08, 2012

Stumbling Into the Digital Reformation

Our “Theo-Epicurean” social experiment began with a few simple acts. My brother Simon created a Facebook group page. We took a picture of the homemade chicken pot pie we had just made, used it for the masthead, and uploaded all our food related photos from our cell phones. Voila! The Episcopal Foodie Network was born. Within days over 500 foodies of faith had joined and were posting like mad.

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April 04, 2011