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Bin Laden’s Death

I have been praying for Osama bin Laden for ten years. I was not surprised by news of his death. As I asked myself why, I suspect it is because, in my eyes, bin Laden died long ago. He died to goodness; he died to mercy; he died to shalom. He died to the things that God cares most about. He was alive until this week—but he died to life a long time ago.

I have wondered over the years what God tried to do to get him back. I wonder about the confounding ability of human beings to resist the love of God. I wonder about these things for Osama bin Laden and I wonder about same things with respect to my own life. Today, as I have many days before, I pray for my enemy—I pray him into the hands of the God of justice and of mercy.

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May 02, 2011