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Our Next Most Faithful Step

Over the past four years, Call To Action (CTA) has transformed our organization to center the vocational discernment of our members—especially our young adult members. Re/Generation is CTA’s intergenerational discernment program that gathers a cohort of young people from around the country, pairs them with a mentor from the progressive Catholic movement in the US, and over the course of 6 months helps them design and implement a project to address the injustices of the hierarchical Catholic church.

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By: Call to Action June 21, 2021

Empowering Young Adults with CARE

The Dominican Youth Movement (DYM) USA provides young adults the opportunity to establish impactful relationships, build faith, and strengthen their commitment to God, community, family, social justice, and the Dominican Order. DYM USA includes nationwide Dominican Young Adult chapters exploring community, prayer, study and preaching; and intentional living communities.

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By: Dominican Youth Movement (DYM) USA March 05, 2021

I am a Puente

As Puentes (bridges) our calling with young adult leadership development and sustainability, we use a process of collective exercises as we reflect on self-awakening questions. We invite both the left and right brain strengths for processing vocational calling.

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By: Vanessa Martinez Soltero January 12, 2021

Wrestling with the Deep Questions of My Life

I don’t know about you, but when I have had times of wrestling with deep questions, I don’t sleep much. I end up watching the moon turn into the dawn breaking. During this time of dealing with the restrictions, limitations and isolation that Covid has brought into my life, compounded by the realities that black lives do not hold equal value as white people’s lives in our country, I have been wrestling with a lot of thoughts and questions over the past six to eight months.

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By: Andrea Sawyer-Kirskey December 08, 2020