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This is America

In 21st century America, we continue to operate under the disillusionment of the American myth—that we are the “United” States of America. Contrary to popular belief, since its founding by design, America has been a divided, not a united country.

Yesterday was a stark reminder of this fact.

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By: Stephen Lewis January 07, 2021

Discerning Another Way Forward: Accompanying Young Adults in the time of Social Distance

FTE’s 2021 grant applications are currently open for organizations to accompanying pastoral interns, mentoring programs for discerning young adults, and creating vocational discernment resources authentic for their community’s context.

Because of the pandemic, FTE is encouraging congregations and faith-based organizations not to propose the same projects they might in a time without COVID. Instead, we are asking those proposal creators to lean into that uncertainty of discernment that they are already so familiar with in their accompaniment of young adults. Lean into that uneasy feeling of trying something new, do something different, and ultimately find what is authentic at this moment.

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By: Heather B.P. Wallace December 10, 2020

The Ugly Truth About Church

Let’s be honest. The church is often not a hospitable space. Faith communities have centered the privileged and pushed others to the margins. Religious groups have tried to snuff out those with a burning zeal for justice in order to maintain the status quo. Ministries have dismissed many who doubt and ask curious questions.

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By: Rich Havard October 20, 2020

Stories From the Field: Oregon Fellowship

The Oregon Fellowship is a collaboration between Together Lab and the Oregon Synod. Watch, listen or read the conversation between pastors Ron Werner, Jr. (Together Lab) and Melissa Reed (Oregon Synod) as they share their four markers to create hospitable space within the Oregon Fellowship.

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By: Christina Repoley September 24, 2020

Partners in Possiblity

Just days after our daily lives shifted dramatically with the COVID-19 crisis, FTE virtually convened the first Community of Practice Cohort. In light of the massive changes that had taken place over the course of the previous three days, I started the meeting asking two questions:

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By: Christina Repoley May 29, 2020

Walking Into the Future this Easter Season

Vocation rarely unfolds in the abstract. It is granular, day-by-day, often emerging out of life’s bone-crushing losses and the grace-filled ability to create ourselves anew. I thought about this when I read novelist Arundhati Roy’s haunting account of the massive trauma unfolding among migrant workers in her native India amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

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By: Dori Baker April 10, 2020

Dancing in the Midst of Complexity

Last week I had the privilege to facilitate a cohort of amazing women for an Inaugural Thriving in Ministry retreat in Pine Mountain, GA. During this time, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global pandemic status for COVID-19.

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By: Darlene Hutto March 24, 2020

An Opportunity for Social Entrepreneurs

In FTE’s work with Christian leaders and young adults, there has been a growing desire to move beyond the walls of churches and classrooms to address the issues our communities face. Leaders—students, professors, doctors, and pastors—have discovered that they have been formed to do much-needed work focused on social impact in such a time as this.

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By: Kimberly Daniel February 04, 2020

Design for the Future Leaders of the Church and the Academy

Design is about meaning and purpose. Design is about calling and vocation. Design is taking seriously our own agency, power, and responsibility to create the conditions for future generations to thrive.

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By: Patrick B. Reyes January 28, 2020