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An Opportunity for Social Entrepreneurs

By: Kimberly Daniel
February 04, 2020

  • A Ph.D. student pursuing a call to teach but feeling a nudge to explore a venture to develop eco-friendly, affordable tiny homes for low-income families.
  • A medical doctor with a commitment to his faith and a passion to combat childhood obesity through technology.
  • A full-time professor and spiritual director inspired to leave her job to launch a social enterprise to support women healing from domestic violence and sexual abuse.
  • A pastor with a creative mind to open a co-working space for artists and programs equipping spiritually driven entrepreneurs.

In FTE’s work with Christian leaders and young adults, there has been a growing desire to move beyond the walls of churches and classrooms to address the issues our communities face. Leaders—students, professors, doctors, and pastors—have discovered that they have been formed to do much-needed work focused on social impact in such a time as this.

They have been called to dream up, create, and launch enterprises that address social issues, environmental concerns, and obtain financial support to continue their efforts and make a positive impact. And through their commitment to make an impact and to their faith, they work to build ethical businesses operating out of love, justice, and generosity.

In 2017, FTE launched an innovative initiative DO GOOD X for Christian social entrepreneurs passionate about developing ventures that do good in the world.

DO GOOD X provides underrepresented social entrepreneurs with a community of peers and mentors, an interactive process to clarify the focus and purpose of their business, and access to resources to advance their venture.

While many faith-rooted leaders have a desire to start social enterprises, FTE noticed an increasing need for a discernment process for entrepreneurs to unearth their own stories and stake in a potential business, understand the problem or need they want to address in communities, and build their business acumen and capacity to launch a sustainable venture. This is the work of DO GOOD X.

It is our hope that DO GOOD X participants will faithfully pursue entrepreneurship to transform systems for the good of all people.

The four committed leaders previously mentioned, have all been entrepreneurs in the DO GOOD X Startup Accelerator over the past three years. They took what was once an idea or a dream and transformed it into a real business. They are taking actionable steps toward their visions, co-creating with God, impacting lives, and doing good within and beyond the walls of churches and classrooms.

Can you relate to their stories? If you have a spark within you that’s nudging your curiosity about social entrepreneurship, kindle the flame and explore what God might be telling you. And if you have a clear business idea that could positively impact people’s lives or the environment, consider applying to participate in DO GOOD X’s 2020 cohort.

If you don’t enact on your idea now, when will you? And if you don’t do the work God is calling you to do, who will?

Visit for more information and if you have questions, email Applications are open until March 30.

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