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I am a Puente

By: Vanessa Martinez Soltero
January 12, 2021

As Puentes (bridges) our calling with young adult leadership development and sustainability, we use a process of collective exercises as we reflect on self-awakening questions. We invite both the left and right brain strengths for processing vocational calling. The spoken word shared by Pastor Gabriel Lopez of East Whittier Christian Church was created during a Puentes (bridges) retreat. Pastor Gabriel’s creative interpretation of being a generational and cultural Puente (bridge) speaks of the rooted effort of our ancestors and contemporaries who tend to our being. The care invested in us benefits us in our sustainability as well as our investment in passing on our wisdom to the next generations.

Spoken word transcript:

I am a Puente (bridge) planted, rooted and tended

By el Pueblo pasado y del presente

(past and current peoples)

I am a Puente (bridge) planted, rooted and tended

In a beautiful, rough, stolen land

I am a Puente (bridge) planted, rooted and tended

To prepare this beautiful, rough stolen land I am in

I am a Puente (bridge) planted, rooted and tended

To prepare this land for the next puente (bridge)

Soy un Puente (I am a bridge)

Matthew 25 is a member of FTE’s Community of Practice Cohort which is a two-year journey with an emerging network of Christian institutions committed to accompanying young adults in vocational exploration and discernment for ministry. The Puentes Project works with a network of young Latinx Christian leaders who come together around immigrant justice with a Christian faith perspective. In addition to helping with immigration accompaniment and advocacy activities, they also host retreats for deep reflection and mutual support.

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