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I See You

By: Zoie Sheets
May 04, 2020

Pictured above is post author Zoie Sheets. Zoie was a participant in the 2018 Christian Leadership Forum and is also featured in the FTE video series, Healing Communities.

To those with chronic illnesses and disabilities—I see you. In the midst of this pandemic, I see you.

With messages around us of whose lives are worth saving, of how maintaining productivity is critical, of how social distancing is the “worst” and must end soon…

I know that your reality may be a life that is not always considered “productive.”

I know that your life may be one that fits into the categories currently being deemed “ too expensive” to maintain — too many meds, too many needs.

I know that “social distancing” may sometimes if not often, be your social reality.

And I know the weight that these messages can put on our shoulders. The way it can make you catch your breath when you scroll social media. The ways these messages can feel isolating as if chronic illness didn’t come with enough isolation as it is. The way they do not honor the many skills and gifts that we have — for connecting from afar, of resilience, of creativity from operating in a world not made for us.

And, I know this.

Those messages are not, have never been, and never will be, reflective of God’s view of you, your life, and your body.

God’s view of your worth is not defined by how well your body fits our society’s norms. God’s view of your worth is not defined by how productive you are able to be, or how well your form of productivity fits society’s definition of worthy.

God’s view of your worth exists solely because you are you.

You are not alone.

In solidarity and with much love,


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