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Looking Forward

By: Stephen Lewis
September 05, 2012

I would like to share with you some important news and changes to our program offerings for the coming academic year.

In 2014, FTE will celebrate its 60th anniversary. In a time of great economic uncertainty and significant shifts in theological education and the broader church, this anniversary represents an important milestone in the life of our organization. During the last six decades, FTE has given approximately 7,000 fellowships to young adults who now represent some of the most important religious voices in North America and leaders within denominational bodies, congregations and theological institutions.

In continuity with FTE’s reputation of supporting young adults in their pursuit of Christian ministry, we will continue to offer the Volunteers Exploring Vocation (VEV) Fellowship during the next academic season for entering seminarians that have served in a yearlong, faith-based young adult volunteer program. Online applications for the VEV Fellowship will be posted on our website on October 1, 2012.

As we look to a new era and decade of cultivating the next generation of leaders for the church and academy, we are aware of several cultural and economic factors impacting the church, theological education and the larger society, and want to be responsive to the changing times.
Fellowships have been a key strategy to our work since 1954 and we want to evaluate the effectiveness of what each fellowship approach was designed to accomplish; the impact and sustainability of each fellowship strategy in the current economic climate; and determine what kind of fellowship strategy will best serve the needs of today’s young leaders who will renew the church and change the world.

We are currently in the midst of a strategic planning process and evaluating all of our programs across the organization. This process will inform the future direction of the organization’s work and help us to discern what strategies will best advance FTE’s vision and mission over the next five years and effectively address the needs of today’s young leaders for the church and the academy.
As a result, the following FTE Fellowships are under review until October 2013:

  • Ministry Fellowship
  • Congregational Fellowship
  • Undergraduate Fellowship
  • Doctoral Fellowship
  • North American Doctoral Fellowship
  • Dissertation Fellowship

It is important to note that while we will not accept applications for the Ministry, Congregational, Undergraduate, Doctoral, North American Doctoral and Dissertation Fellowships for the 2013-2014 academic year, the fellowship awards for 2012 FTE Fellowship recipients will not be impacted by this review.
We remain excited about a new era in our work and look forward to strengthening our fellowships, programs and strategies to further the work that FTE became a part of in 1954. We are grateful to our community and the important work you do on behalf of God’s movement to cultivate a new generation of Christian leaders.

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