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A Muddy Epiphany

It was the kind of mud that squelched as you stepped, with brown water submerging your shoe at each pass. All hopes for getting away clean were quickly abandoned, and my friends and I couldn’t help but laugh as our boots stuck.

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By: Tyler Sit April 04, 2014

In Search of Community

In Search of Community Recently, I received a profound word of inspiration from a colleague. After reflecting on my desire to find home in a church community given a recent disconnect, my colleague offered these words: “Remember the importance of tending to one’s own soul. We must never stop.”

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By: Darlene Hutto March 20, 2014

Prayers on the Wind

In Tibetan Buddhism, the prayer flags are called “wind horses” because they carry the prayers of the Buddhists through the mountains.

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By: Tyler Sit March 17, 2014

Live the Questions

Over a century ago, the Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke exchanged letters with Franz Kappus, a 19-year old officer cadet in the Austrian army. Rilke, responding to Kappus’s questions about life and vocation, declined to offer any direct answers.

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By: Chris McCain March 13, 2014

Afterlife Chat at Midnight

“What do Christians believe happens when we die?” I looked up, bleary eyed, from my Buddhist Philosophy textbook. I was doing some late night studying, but I told the Tibetan students that I was becoming a pastor and that I was glad to have a conversation about religion any time. For Tenzen*, that time was midnight.

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By: Tyler Sit February 21, 2014

Vocation and Inspiration

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” It seems that from the time we are very little our lives are driven toward what we will be when we grow up or what are we going to do for a living. So often this discussion revolves around terms like job and occupation, but the words vocation and call are usually absent.

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By: Heather Wallace February 12, 2014

On Mountains and Empty Spaces

I was in the passenger seat of my friend Danielle’s Ford Focus riding across the American southwest in route to California from Tennessee. One of the first things I noticed on our cross-country road trip is how different empty space looks depending on the location

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By: Jennifer Bailey February 10, 2014

What a Vocational Calling to Ministry Means to Me

“I hear you are entering the ministry,” the woman said down the long table, meaning no real harm. “Was it your own idea or were you poorly advised?”

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By: Rob Lee February 07, 2014

The Anti-Tourism of Meditation

Legs in lotus position, hands cupped, shoulders broad and posture straight but relaxed. Breathe in through the nose; exhale through the mouth.

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By: Tyler Sit February 06, 2014

When Lions Have Historians

History, James Loewen observes, is the only subject that professors assume students know less of the further they advance in school. Historians know that part of their job is to help students unlearn the fairy tales most of them have absorbed as history.

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By: Matthew Wesley Williams February 03, 2014

Five New Features on

FTE’s website now offers even more features for visitors. Here are five features of the new FTE site that you should get to know.

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By: Diva Morgan Hicks January 28, 2014

Seeking the Kingdom—and Finding It

I have a confession to make: There is nothing I love more than a good Sunday morning worship service. There is something about entering into a sanctuary full of saints believing, singing, crying, praising, and lamenting as one that makes me feel utterly alive.

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By: Jennifer Bailey January 26, 2014

Sacred Optometry: Opening my Eyes in India

The assignment is to see. My professor assigned us to read Diana Eck’s Darśan: Seeing the Divine Image in India before spending a semester together in India.

She has the monumental task of training 13 Americans to see differently while in India…

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By: Tyler Sit January 24, 2014

A New Year’s Resolution for Ministry

A friend, colleague and mentor of mine at Faith and Leadership, Nathan Kirkpatrick has been talking for years about over-investing in young people and the importance of giving the youngest generation a shot at not only Christian formation but also Christian ministry. But what does “over-investing” look like?

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By: Rob Lee January 13, 2014

Inside FTE’s New Name

Though the meaning behind the acronym has slightly changed, we will continue to go by FTE, which is the endearing term used by our friends, Fellows, partners and Alumni. The word “fund” doesn’t adequately capture the fullness of our work.

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By: Stephen Lewis January 03, 2014

12 Reasons to be Thankful

As this year comes to a close, we are grateful for FTE’s Alumni, friends and partners who have helped us discern FTE’s next faithful steps toward God’s unfolding future. We appreciate the many ways that you have prayed and supported FTE during this season of transition and anticipation.

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By: Stephen Lewis December 20, 2013


As a student who gets to preach regularly, I’ve sought advice from countless preachers on the art of writing a sermon.

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By: Rob Lee November 04, 2013

Changes to FTE’s Fellowship Programs

In my last announcement, I shared that FTE will adapt and shift from being a fellowship supporting organization to a leadership incubator.

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By: Stephen Lewis September 27, 2013

What Are We Now Called To Become?

Does God call organizations or only individuals? Do callings invite us to change and adapt while the world changes around us? I believe so. During this past year, FTE has been discerning what God is calling it to become in the midst of new economic realities and changes within the academy, church and society. We paused most of our fellowship activities to determine what’s needed now and how FTE is being called to cultivate a new generation of leaders for the church and academy.

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By: Stephen Lewis September 16, 2013

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