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What Are We Now Called To Become?

Does God call organizations or only individuals? Do callings invite us to change and adapt while the world changes around us? I believe so. During this past year, FTE has been discerning what God is calling it to become in the midst of new economic realities and changes within the academy, church and society. We paused most of our fellowship activities to determine what’s needed now and how FTE is being called to cultivate a new generation of leaders for the church and academy.

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By: Stephen Lewis September 16, 2013

An Interview with Author and FTE Doctoral Alumna Monica Coleman

Fran Davis-Harris spoke with FTE Doctoral Alumna Dr. Monica Coleman about her book, Ain’t I a Womanist Too: Third Wave Womanist Religious Thought, which was released in May of this year. Dr Coleman is a proponent for the Womanist movement and has been active in this work for a number of years. She stepped away momentarily from her work as a scholar activist to share how she was called and inspired to do this work. Read on to take a journey into Dr. Coleman’s life.

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By: Monica Coleman September 03, 2013

7 Questions with Alumnus, Author, and Activist Dr. Gregory Ellison

Fran Davis-Harris sat down with FTE Alumnus Dr. Gregory Ellison to talk about his new book, Cut Dead but Still Alive: Caring for African American Men. Dr. Ellison shared intimate accounts of how he came to understand his call and purpose as a preacher, educator and scholar activist. He also spoke passionately about what prompted him to write his book and begin the subsequent grassroots community empowerment initiative entitled Fearless Dialogues. Read on to get a glimpse of the great work Dr. Ellison is doing.

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By: Gregory Ellison September 03, 2013

Purpose Will Find You

Over the years I’ve learned that we all long for belonging, relationship, and purpose. We all seem to be in search for who we are. I know I am.

We try to find ourselves through personality tests, strength finders, horoscopes, and other various sources. This is normal. We want to know who we are and what our purpose is because we are an invention. Every invention serves a purpose or else it would not have been invented.

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By: Manny Alvarez August 27, 2013

Free to Serve

My favorite musical artist of all time, India Arie, has encouraged me all week with her song entitled, “Break the Shell.” I have been in silence, but now I’m free. My spiritual journey this past year as a Ministry Fellow gave me the support I needed to let fear know it no longer has the ability to keep me from accepting my call to the Pastoral ministry.

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By: Kamilah Bywaters August 19, 2013

An Invitational Prayer

God of all Creation, You have brought us here to walk with you. We come from many places on the journey of our call. Some of us, like Moses at the burning bush, have just finished giving you our list of excuses, and we are waiting for the knowledge of your name to take away our fear.

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By: Cassidhe Hart August 15, 2013

Open Your Eyes

We walked the streets of Atlanta united on a three-mile pilgrimage. We were a collage of people: black, white, brown, Mennonites, Unitarian Universalists, Baptists, conservatives, liberals—all question seekers. We were not just sweating it out on the streets. We were seeking justice.

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By: Amy Spaulding Zimbelman August 15, 2013

Why are We Here?

“We are creating a clearing space to laugh, morn, cry, dance and go back out into the world.” – Carlin Rushing
As we explore our calls, vocations and theological context in which we all reside this week during the Leaders in Ministry Conference we also convene to forge new friendships and networks.

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By: Rev. E. Taylor Doctor August 15, 2013

I am not Alone

As one of the only young adults in my local church and as an ordination candidate not yet immersed in the community of seminary, I have often felt isolated in my ministry calling and disconnected from the voices of prophetic young leaders.

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By: Cassidhe Hart August 13, 2013

Minding Our Edges

Scripture is a funny thing, if you ever take the time to truly read it. I’m reminded of Howard Thurman writing about how his grandmother refused to have him read certain texts, certain passages from the Pauline epistles, because of the way they conceptualized the bodies and livelihoods of people like her. People who knew about a history of enslavement; people who knew about the death-dealing tactics and strategies of empire; people who knew that colonialist tactics had tried to break their spirits and had been unsuccessful. So she refused to have him repeat these texts written by our dear friend Paul.

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By: Kyle Brooks July 25, 2013

When Your Church Is Silent

On Saturday, George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the trial for the murder of teenager Trayvon Martin. I was and have remained in shock. No—not shocked—devastated and dumbfounded, at a loss for words. Thinking immediately of my two little nephews who are growing up black and unarmed in America. Thinking for the first time that maybe, possibly, there is a silver lining to the fact that I don’t have children?

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By: Enuma Okoro July 17, 2013

The Trayvon Martin Case and Why I’m In Campus Ministry

“What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.” -Genesis 4:10

I am saddened and grieved by the outcome of the Trayvon Martin case. However, this incident and failure of our community, our laws and systems, have echoed in in me long before today.

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By: Charlene Brown July 15, 2013

Leadership: A Two-Way Street

In many ecclesial communities the concern for developing young leaders emerges primarily out of institutional anxiety about survival. The weakness in asking and answering questions about young leaders from such a perspective is that it leaves out the most important person in the conversation: the young person! When we think this way, we forget that young folks are constitutive members of our communities right this very moment.

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By: Alan Combs July 03, 2013

The Power of Diversity

What if I told you that diversity will be an important and coveted asset to solving problems in the future? That if the church and academy do not value or leverage diversity today they will diminish the quality of their future and relevance? Would you agree or disagree?

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By: Stephen Lewis June 25, 2013

Hope for the Next Generation of Academic Leaders

The Fund for Theological Education (FTE) held a “2013 Leaders in the Academy Conference” at Chicago Theological Seminary from June 6-9, 2013 under the supervision of Matthew Williams who is one of the Directors of Strategic Partnerships, specializing in building relations with theological institutions.

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By: Rev. Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim June 11, 2013

Volunteers Exploring Vocation - Windy City Style

In a city like Chicago, it’s easy to find amazing people doing outrageously awesome ministry if you look in the right places. The people of Chicago are out in the streets “doin’ life together,” as Phil Jackson, pastor of the Lawndale Community Church, put it. They have learned what it really means to live in community.

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By: Rachel Witkovsky June 05, 2013

Wild Spaces: Reflections on the First FTE Advisory Team Meeting

Theological education, the church, the world all seem to be changing faster than we can keep up. New questions, new technologies are complicating old problems and answers…

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By: Brian Bantum May 06, 2013

FTE Is At A Crossroads

For the past years, FTE has graciously supported faithful leadership for the church and academy. It has primarily accomplished this work as a fellowships-granting organization. But now that the church is in transition and there are major shifts in demographics and cultural trends, FTE is pausing to reexamine itself as it looks to move forward.

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By: Rev. Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim May 01, 2013

5 Questions with FTE Alumna Jennifer Ikoma-Motzko

Fran Davis-Harris spoke with FTE Alumna Jennifer Ikoma-Motzko about her call and vocational journey. She shared a glimpse of what it was like to be a young, woman of color trying to find her place in the world of Christian ministry. Read on to learn about her journey from swearing off organized religion, to becoming a seminarian and discovering her place in ministry.

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By: Jennifer Ikoma-Motzko April 16, 2013

Responding to New Possibilities

When was the last time you turned on your mobile device and saw that all is well and good in the world? Were you satisfied with what you saw? Were you like me and asked how is the church, with other partners, addressing big issues we face as a community, nation and world?

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By: Stephen Lewis April 04, 2013

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