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Thoughts In A Pandemic

By: Emilie Townes
April 17, 2020


how do we do social distancing in community

community, that space and place with people and the rest of creation
that raises us up

gives us tips for living and loving

and caring for others who don’t have to look like us or think like us or even live like us

that thing that vexes and annoys and disappoints

that can kick us out and restrict direct access to grace

community, when it’s being its best welcomes and affirms as it challenges and crafts justice for the many

but this COVID-19 pandemic has us practicing social distancing

because it is one thing we can do to slow down the spread of the virus


in walgreens today

we stand in the checkout line in boxes spaced six feet apart, blue lines on the floor reminding us this is serious

it makes me wonder why it is that i saw at least 4 groups of young folk walking the streets of nashville

together, laughing and close to one another

oblivious, it seems, that their actions could cause the death of someone

not community

it dawns—social distancing means we do community by taking responsibility

for our lives

and the lives of others

this is about us

all of us

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