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Arne Administrative Scholarship


The purpose of this scholarship is to provide assistance to women interested in reaching the top of their field as administrators. The additional education may be pursued through full time attendance in school, night courses, or summer sessions. An Arne Scholarship recipient will have priority in qualifying for the scholarship a second year if the course requires more than one year of study. Be a citizen of the United States of America, hold membership in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America have at least a bachelor's degree, and provide the following: 1. records of any academic or professional courses taken since being awarded a bachelor's degree, 2. examples of being a decision maker, and 3. evidence of ability and willingness to study. Women of the ELCA must be notified in writing of any change in education plans, Scholarship funds must be used within the year following the award. Scholarship funds must be returned if the educational program is canceled or if it is terminated by personal decision of the recipient, and If requested, recipient will be available for interview for an article in a Women of the ELCA publication.