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Leadership and Discernment Opportunities

Young Adults & Students

FTE recognizes that young adults need space to explore their purpose and call, and to ask deep questions about their faith journey. To assist in this process, we host gatherings of diverse Christian young adults pursuing or exploring ministry as a vocation.

Leadership and Discernment events are a context through which young people can come together to explore, engage and build a community of friendships, peer mentoring and learning. FTE provides stipends and scholarships for those interested in attending these events.

Partners and other institutions, congregations and church leaders can nominate young adults for Regional events and the young adult cohort at the Christian Leadership Forum. Visit FTE's event page for event dates and locations.

Christian Leadership Forum - Young Adult Cohort

FTE’s Christian Leadership Forum is an annual summer event that provides young adults (18-30 years old) opportunities to engage in practices of vocational discernment, build their capacity for practical ministry and explore pastoral leadership. During the Christian Leadership Forum young adults will explore how to boldly lead differently through the church and academy.

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Regional Discernment Retreat for Young Leaders

Annually, FTE provides two regional retreats that offer experimental learning opportunities for young adults to connect concerns of faith, theology, pastoral leadership, service and ministry. This ministry exploration opportunity helps to illuminate the promise that ministry may hold. Click here to visit our Events page and find more information on the next Regional Discernment Retreat.

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