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Ministry Exploration and Mentoring Projects

Young people who are exploring their call are strengthened by opportunities to learn how church leaders and faith communities participate in God’s work in the world. FTE provides support to young leaders interested in exploring ministry as a vocation, connecting them with congregations within communities they want to serve. These projects support the development of a mentoring relationship with an innovative church leader. Young adults are given the chance to expand their view of what they might do through the church, learn more about innovative ecclesial models of ministry, and create a meaningful mentoring relationship. Eligible applicants are participants from FTE’s discernment retreats and forums. Applicants must identify a sponsoring organization to assist and hold them accountable in their exploration and learning.

Recipients will receive a $1,000 grant to develop a Ministry Exploration and Mentoring project. It is encouraged that applicants submit their proposals by the first deadline after their FTE event participation.

For more information on eligibility and the application process, click here.

Application Opens: October 1

Application Closes: November 1

For More Information:

Contact Heather B.P. Wallace