Capacity Building for Intentional Christian Communities

Across North America, many young adults choose to live in intentional Christian communities in order to live out their faith commitments. Growing out of FTE’s work with a pilot network of intentional communities serving college students, FTE has witnessed the unique capacity of intentional Christian communities to seed and cultivate deep vocational discernment and ministry exploration in young adults.

Intentional Christian Community Capacity-Building Grants provide support to enhance organizational capacity to accompany youth in their exploration of their purpose, passion and call. These funds are available to intentional Christian communities that were invited to participate in FTE’s consultation on February 23-25, 2017.

Eligible applicants may apply for a one year grant of up to $10,000. Grants may support program and/or staff development that enhances young adults’ theological exploration of vocation with particular attention to the call to Christian ministry.

Application Guidelines

Application Requirements


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