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The primary consideration (of vocation) is not discovering the self; it is to serve the neighbor, even to the point of sacrificing the self and its interests…Vocation is first of all about serving God through serving the neighbor. The modern association of self-fulfillment runs against (this)…The point is not to seek one’s self….The point is to love God and neighbor.

Douglas Schuurman, Vocation: Discerning Our Callings in Life, p123-124

The Faith, Ministry & Service (FMS) network includes more than 20 faith-rooted volunteer organizations that accompany young adults who, grounded by their faith, are engaged in service and exploring calls to Christian ministry. Each organization is committed to supporting young adults’ vocational discernment, exploration of ministry and leadership development in their local communities. For more than a decade, FTE has supported faith-rooted volunteer organizations as they seek to cultivate vocational discernment and ministry exploration as core values of their programs. Through their participation in the FMS network, organizations have opportunities to engage in a community of practice, share learnings and resources with one another and connect with FTE’s diverse networks of partner organizations.

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