2022 FTE Course Offerings

This is a great way to meet peers who are at similar points in their discernment and others who already have gone through some of these steps in discernment and can provide mentorship. This is a good guided process to discover your passions and what ministry really means to you.

2021 Course Participant

You are called.

You are called by God, by your community, by the voice inside of you.

You are called to lead change in a broken world. 

So now what? 

FTE’s online course offerings are designed to give discerning young adults opportunities to discover vocational possibilities, explore discernment practices, and reflect on their own sense of calling. Through these courses participants will be …

  • Affirmed by a community of peers! Our courses are done in community. We will connect you with peers and mentors who will help you hear, see, and understand your call and achieve your aspirations. 

  • Equipped to explore their calling and take their next most faithful step! Each of our courses will guide you through processes designed to help discover your purpose and vocation as it relates to some of the world’s biggest challenges—issues like climate change, racial justice, and the rapid pace of technological innovation.

  • Inspired by stories of change-makers and risk-takers! The truth is you are inspiring and deserve to be supported by inspiring stories and people. You will have access to resources, tools, and opportunities that are meant to inspire your “why,” not instruct your how.

  • Ready to look for employment! You absolutely should be paid to do the work “your soul must have,” as the late Rev. Dr. Katie Geneva Cannon named it. Discerning how to put bread on the table is equally as important as learning how to break it. To help you find meaningful employment, you will learn  about institutions and organizations that serve the community, how you might start one of your own, and much more!


2022 Course Offerings

Registration for each course will open 60 days before course opens. Please check back to register.

Called to Pastoral Ministry: Closed

This course will help diverse young adults discern their call to ministry and identify their next most faithful step. Participants will explore innovative models of ministry and participate in thought-provoking conversations around purpose, passion and call.

Instructor: Rev. Darlene M. Hutto

Mentors: Rev. Darci Jaret, Rev. Dorlimar Lebrón

Social Justice and Service Ministry: Opens June 15, 2022

This course is designed to help young adults :

  1. Identify their call to serve a community and a cause
  2. See ministry in a variety of non-profit and church-related organizations
  3. Reflect and name their next most faithful step

Instructor: Christina A. Repoley, former founder and executive director of Quaker Voluntary Service 

Campus Ministry: Opens July 15, 2022

Click here to learn more and enroll.

This course will help identify, recruit, and support a new generation of campus ministers.

Leadership Team: Jodi L. Porter, Melissa Scott, D'ana Downing, Lynn Cooper

Theological Executive: Opens August 15, 2022

This course will help FTE alumni discern the call to executive leadership in theological education.

Instructors: Dr. Patrick B. Reyes and Rev. Stephen Lewis, president of The Forum for Theological Exploration

Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Opens September 1, 2022

This course is designed to help young adults:

  1. Discern, understand and explore the various pathways to pursuing social entrepreneurship
  2. Reflect on their call, community, strengths as they apply to developing a social enterprise
  3. Identify their next most faithful step. 

Instructor: Kimberly R. Daniel, co-founder of DO GOOD X, an accelerator for early-stage and underrepresented entrepreneurs

Theological Educator (Prospective Doctoral Students of Color): Opens September 15, 2022

This course will help potential doctoral students of color discern if applying for PhD programs is right for them. It will help them discern which program(s) to apply to and help prepare their application.

Instructor: Dr. Patrick B. Reyes

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these courses for?

Young adults pursuing different pathways to ministry in a variety of settings including: Pastoral Ministry, Campus Ministry, Social Justice/Nonprofit Ministry, and Christian Social Entrepreneurs. Specialized courses for potential doctoral students of color in theological education and theological executives. 

How much do the courses cost? 

The courses will be offered for free in 2022. Their market value is between $200-$4,000, depending on the course. FTE provides these resources to help advance our mission to support the next generation of leaders for the church and the academy. The Theological Executive Course participant will be asked to cover the cost of their 360 assessment in 2022.

How will these courses benefit me?

These courses are designed to give you practices and resources to clarify your vocational pursuits. Upon completion, you will be recognized as part of FTE’s alumni network. Other alumni will include pastors, professors, deans, presidents of organizations, civil servants, and non-profit leaders who are leading their communities, congregations, and society. You will receive a certificate of completion and a badge for your resume and social accounts. 

Can I get a course Certificate for completion?

Yes, if you meet the requirements set forth in the course you will receive a certificate that you can post to your Linkedin profile and download to share.

How much time will this course take?

This varies by course and by person but averages about 5-10 hours including community zoom gatherings. Theological executive course will require additional work like leadership assessments and executive coaching.  

I can’t make a Community Gathering call, What do I do?

FTE may choose to upload part or all of the Community Gathering discussions, but we’d recommend reaching out to a course mentor with any questions you have during the course.

Can I participate in class from my cellphone? 

Yes, there is an app for that. NovoEd has a mobile app as does Zoom for the community gathering calls. 

Please click here for a full list of FAQs.