A Message from
FTE President Stephen Lewis

Stephen Lewis, holding a microphone
What new possibilities are awakening in the
world around us?

After a challenging and unprecedented couple of years, the world is reawakening and coming alive once again. Broadway shows are selling out. Fans are gathering to cheer on their favorite sports teams. Blockbuster movies are returning to theaters. And the church is reimagining its work in new ways with a fresh sense of wonder and possibility.
Systems that once served us never served all of us and are now starving for innovation and catalyzing change in the work we all do. The world is changing at a rapid pace and calling us to reimagine everything from the way we shop to the way we educate, from the way we work to the way we worship. And this generation and the next are boldly leading the way.
In 2022, FTE also awakened to new possibilities and began building different types of bridges for diverse young adults and doctoral students exploring different pathways toward ministry and teaching. We designed creative and insightful resources to help them expand their imaginations and explore their next most faithful steps. We also provided opportunities for diverse leaders of the church to make a difference in an ever-evolving world.
Whether it’s offering online courses, accelerating innovation and social entrepreneurship, or developing resources to inspire diverse young adults and students, we believe God is working through FTE to awaken what’s possible in a new generation of Christian leaders, pastors, and theological educators.
A better tomorrow is not possible if we are asleep to what is shifting today in our institutions and industry. We must awaken to what the times now call for. Now is the time to empower the voices of the next generation. Now is the time to invest in leaders at the margins of our faithful efforts. Now is the time to shine a light on Christian leaders stepping boldly into a new day in the most inspiring and beautiful ways.
I invite you to open your eyes and see how a new generation is reimagining this new normal to be a better normal for everyone. I invite you to partner with FTE as we invest in awakening what’s possible in a new generation of diverse ministers, theological educators, and young innovators who will shape a more hopeful future for the church, academy and communities around the world.

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FTE'S 2022 Impact
In 2022, FTE awakened to what the future could be with empowered, diverse young adults leading the way. In a world that wants us to build walls instead of bridges, divide instead of connect, we challenged ourselves, and the next generation, to awaken what’s possible in an emerging post-pandemic era. In doing so, we discovered more hope, more innovation, more possibilities than ever before. Together, we will build a better tomorrow, a better normal, for our communities and churches.
Together We...

Becca BedellCalled to Pastoral Ministry Course Participant
...I felt welcomed, heard, and challenged in a joyous way. This space gave me a true, genuine hope for the church.

Together We...
Together We...

Connected Faith Leaders Who Guide Young Adults*

38 gathered to awaken what’s possible in a post-pandemic world.
100% were inspired to think differently or more creatively about leadership in their faith community.
22 engaged in a process of exploring innovation and its implications for mentoring young leaders in their pursuit of ministry.
100% were inspired by this community of innovators.
143 leaders from Christian universities reflected on high school youth programs and discussed how to strengthen their impact.
99% believe sessions at this gathering awakened new possibilities for their programs.
124 leaders from campus ministries collaborated on best practices in helping students discover and pursue their vocational interests.
100% were supported in their vocational exploration and accompanying young adults in their discernment.
10 faculty of color considered academic leadership through an FTE online course.
100% realized a call to executive leadership.

*Data points were derived from evaluations completed by participants.


“If you feel uncertain but you know God has called you to something you can definitely start at FTE. Here you will hear the voices of other preachers and teachers and leaders…You’ll come to learn that you may or may not have a lot in common with others but one thing in common with everyone is that they all want to do the work of the Kingdom of God whether it’s inside or outside of the church.”

Natalie Cortes, Called to Pastoral Ministry Course Participant

fte's 2022 impact
Together We...

Equipped Faith Communities and the Next Generation with Support

$ 0 0 0 , 0 0 0

Young Leaders


young adults received a grant to explore faith communities and to develop a mentor relationship with ministry leaders.


doctoral students of color were awarded fellowships to support their studies with additional coaching, mentoring, and writing resources.

Faith Communities


organizations and congregations received financial support to continue discernment practices for young adults.


institutions were awarded grants to expand capacity in youth theology programs.


institutions received grants to recruit and support future scholars of color.

. is helpful to connect with others exploring their vocation and also to have one's mind expanded regarding what ministry is.

Naomi Gonzalez, Social Justice and Service Course Participant

Together We...

Designed Creative Resources to Inspire

The following resources were designed with church leaders and the academy in mind to help spark inspiration and awaken what’s possible. You will find a variety of helpful tools, motivational stories, and educational assets available to download, listen to, or watch. Use these assets to reimagine the possibilities for the future of your organization and the next generation of church leaders.

Resources: Listen
Resources: Read

Campus Ministry: Finding Meaning and Purpose in Higher Education

This book provides discernment practices, essays, and vocational stories that explore the importance of creating physical and psychological safety for students interested in pursuing ministry. This resource aims to inspire a new generation of college students to awaken what’s possible and discover their calling.

NaShieka KnightPh.inishe.D Course Participant
...The [FTE] resources are rich, comprehensive, and thoughtful for meaningful engagement and the community is validating and informative.

Financial Highlights

2022 Statement of Financial Activities (Unaudited)


FTE is primarily funded through foundational grants, investment income from those grants, and contributions from the FTE community.


22%, $1,202,510
Program Personnel
23%, $1,224,618
16%, $870,810
Administrative Personnel
18%, $954,380
1%, $60,803
11%, $604,654
Other Program Costs
6%, $324,505
2%, $105,452

Total $5,347,733

The impact of FTE's work is made possible because of our generous donors and incredible community. With the continued generosity of those who believe in our mission and vision, we can invest in faith communities, theological institutions, and the next generation of leaders. If you have been inspired in any way by our commitment to awaken what's possible, please consider supporting FTE with a donation. Your contribution will play a role in expanding our reach as we imagine a better future for the church and our communities.
Presidential Partners $10,000+

Lilly Endowment, Inc., Indianapolis, IN

Leadership Partners $1,000-$4,999

Dr. Matthew Bloom

Ms. Soon Mee Kim

Mr. Larry Stine

Ms. and Mr. Florida and Doug Ellis

Rev. Stephen Lewis

Sustainers $500-$999

Mr. Paul Bois

Dr. Ernest A. Brooks III

Rev. Aisha Brooks-Johnson

Rev. Darlene Marie Hutto

Jordan Lassiter

Dr. Eddie R. Lowry, Jr.

Ms. Andrea Perrett

Ms. Jodi L. Porter

Dr. Patrick B. Reyes

Rev. Dr. Shively T.J. Smith

Dr. James D. Weimer
In honor of Prof. Emerita Jean E. Weimer, RN

Sponsors $100-$499

Isaacson, Miller, Washington, DC

Three Minute Ministry, Nashville, TN

Mr. Matt Adams

Dr. Christopher Ángel

Ms. Allison Arsenault

Ms. Elsie Barnhart

Revs. Jon and Amanda Bergstrom

Mr. Edward Boone

Dr. Lisa Bowens
In honor of Bishop Walter McKoy

Rev. Dr. Monica A. Coleman

Ms. Kimberly R. Daniel

Rev. Joe Ella Darby

Rev. John Helmiere

Ms. Diva Morgan Hicks

Rev. Dr. John Hoffmeyer and Rev. Dr. Janet M. Corpus

Dr. Nikki Hoskins

Mr. Calvin M. Mew

Mr. Stephen R. and Ms. Juanita E. Moore

Rev. Randy and Joy Nelson

Rev. Raymond Ranker

Ms. Christina Repoley

Rev. Dr. Marcia Y. Riggs

Ms. Melissa Scott

Dr. Phillis Isabella Sheppard
In honor of Hattie Booker Peterson

Ms. Marlene Underwood

Dr. John W. Waters

Drs. Walter and Sharon Watson Fluker

Mr. Marquis White

Rev. Mark D. Williamson
In honor of Mary Halvorson & Dan Garnaas

Supporters <$100

Ms. Patricia A. Angel

Dr. Adam L. Bond

Ms. Christina Ann Finsel
In honor of Tamara Finsel

Rev. Megan Alyse LeCluyse

Rev. Ross Lockhart

Revs. Laurel and Colin Mathewson

Dr. Jeffrey M. McCurry

The Very Reverend Troy D. Mendez

Dr. Richard A Sundeen, Jr.
In memory of Steve Richardson

Ms. Jenelle Vondrashek
In honor of All Those Who Need Hope and Healing

Ms. Heather B.P. Wallace

Ms. Traci Wright

Board of Directors
Dr. Matt Bloom, Trustee

Research Professor
University of Notre Dame
South Bend, IN

Rev. Ernest A. Brooks III, Trustee

Isaacson, Miller
Washington, DC

Rev. Aisha Brooks-Johnson, Trustee

Executive Presbyter
Presbytery of Greater Atlanta
Atlanta, GA

Rev. John Helmiere, Trustee

Author, Consultant
Seattle, WA

Ms. Soon Mee Kim, Secretary/Treasurer

Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer
Omnicom Public Relations Group
Atlanta, GA

Rev. Andrea Perrett, Trustee

Church Planter & Centre for Missional Leadership Associate
St. Andrew’s Hall
Vancouver, BC

Rev. Dr. Shively T. J. Smith, Vice Chair

Assistant Professor of New Testament
Boston University School of Theology
Boston, MA

Mr. J. Larry Stine, Trustee

Senior Principal
Wimberly, Lawson, Steckel, Schneider, & Stine, P.C.
Atlanta, GA

Rev. Aracelis Vázquez Haye, Trustee

Senior Project Manager
Association for Hispanic Theological Education
Charlotte, NC

Rev. Dr. Starsky D. Wilson, Chair

President & CEO
Children’s Defense Fund
Washington, DC

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