Campus Ministry: Finding Meaning and Purpose in Higher Education

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Accompany Students on Their Spiritual Journeys

In Campus Ministry: Finding Meaning and Purpose in College, former FTE Senior Director of Learning Design Patrick Reyes, compiles and edits contributions from leaders who represent theological, ecclesial, racial-ethnic, and gender diversities in campus ministry. With discernment practices and essays that explore the importance of creating physical and psychological safety for students to explore ministry, to excerpts from the Sound of the Genuine podcast highlighting the vocational journey of faith leaders, this is an important resource to help a new generation of college students discern their call to ministry.

Praise for the book

“These essays speak to the distinct call that campus ministries and spiritual care leaders on college must lean into as they assist young adults in navigating paths of self-discovery and discernment. This will be the starting point for all future discussions of vocational discernment…” 

Rev. D’ana Downing, Assistant University Chaplain, Northwestern University

“Having lived it, I'm surprised I never reflected on how academic majors approach faith formation with such different mindsets. This literature beautifully articulates themes in the college student's faith journey through our different personalities, interests, and backgrounds.”

Michael Ehlert – Purdue Campus Ministry Alumni

“This book is a helpful instrument. It provides, not only recommendations on how students can find the strength and grace to live out their baptismal vocation, but asks insightful questions. I highly recommend this book to everyone who has a heartfelt desire to accept their vocation to be an instrument of God’s joy and peace and love by helping students to realize that “everything will be okay.”

Msgr. John J. Bendik