Turn Good Ideas Into Business Ideas for Good

Through DO GOOD X, FTE hopes to empower and resource underrepresented Christian social entrepreneurs who are passionate about developing businesses that do good in the world.


Online Self-Paced Course

Built for This

Pursuing social entrepreneurship requires time, energy, a financial investment, and commitment. While some aspiring entrepreneurs have discovered what it takes to successfully develop a business idea for social impact, many are not aware of what this path takes and are simply not built for this. DO GOOD X provides this self-paced course to help you determine if you are built for this journey.

Online Program

Startup Accelerator

DO GOOD X provides a 10-week accelerator and community of support designed for early-stage social entrepreneurs passionate about developing ventures that make a positive impact. The online accelerator program features entrepreneurial facilitators, mentors, a network of peers, and concludes with a public pitch event.

Meet the Founders

Stephen is the president of the Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE) and creator and co-founder of DO GOOD X, a start-up accelerator for diverse Christian social entrepreneurs. He is an organizational change strategist and a leadership development specialist, focused on inspiring the next generation of faith-inspired leaders and entrepreneurs to live and work on purpose. In 2020, Stephen co-authored Another Way: Living and Leading Change on Purpose.

Stephen Lewis

Kimberly is the former senior director of communications at the Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE). She also co-founded and directs DO GOOD X, an accelerator for diverse Christian social entrepreneurs and an innovation of FTE. Kimberly has over a decade of experience developing and leading communications strategies and efforts at non-profit organizations, is a certified life coach, and has helped to catalyze entrepreneurs to do good. She is driven to inspire people to align with their purpose and to make magic happen with their gifts.

Kimberly R. Daniel