FTE Books

FTE Books publishes books that address the ideas and challenges of diverse Christian leaders called to be faithful innovators and change-agents in the church and in theological institutions. #FTEBooks

A Way Out of No Way: An Approach to Christian Innovation

In A Way Out of No Way Stephen Lewis, president of FTE, and Kimberly R. Daniel, former senior director of communications at FTE, offer a perspective and approach to Christian innovation grounded in the life and ministry of Jesus, and the ingenious experience of African diasporic people.

Voices for Vocational Accompaniment

In Voices for Vocational Accompaniment Heather B.P. Wallace, FTE Community Engagement Manager, curates stories, reflections, and other insights about practices and methodologies in mentoring, from emerging scholars, pastors and others within the FTE network.

Campus Ministry: Finding Meaning and Purpose in Higher Education

In this book, Patrick Reyes, former FTE Senior Director of Learning, compiles and edits contributions from leaders who represent theological, ecclesial, racial-ethnic, and gender diversities in campus ministry.