CMTEV Annual GatheringForum for Theological Exploration FTE Leaders

October 20, 2021

11AM: Pre-gathering optional Chat and Chew check in over lunch

12 PM: Welcome and Worship

12:25 PM: Opening Panel Discussion

1:20 PM: Break

1:40 PM: CMTEV Author Talks

2:20 PM: Break

2:30-3:30 PM: Coaching Sessions Round 1

3:40-4:40 PM: Coaching Sessions Round 2

4:45-5:00 PM: Closing

Featured Leaders

Katherine Turpin

Professor of Practical Theology and Religious Education

Director of the Master of Divinity Program

Iliff School of Theology

Nathaniel West

Director of Formation & Director of M.A. in Christian Education

Virginia Union University

Theresa O’Keefe

Professor of the Practice, Religious Education

Boston College School of Theology and Ministry



This session is a panel discussion with Drs Katherine Turpin, Nathaniel West, and Theresa O’Keefe. Facilitated by Dr. Lakisha Lockhart, this panel will be digging more deeply into the sides and angles of the college student’s experience of the triangle of mental health, commodification and identity as they navigate their vocational journey. Our panelists will lift up various contexts and raise possibilities for pathways forward.


Hosted by Dr. Patrick Reyes, hear from your CMTEV colleagues about the current book project underway and what stories of vocational exploration with college students are being lifted up in its pages.

Coaching Session Topics

Topic: Design Our Way Forward

Hosts: Stephen Lewis and Christina Repoley, FTE

Questions for Discussion:

  • In light of what you learned last year, does one of your ministry’s CMTEV activities need a refresh?
  • How might design inform your ministry’s CMTEV activities in ways that relate to your students’ current needs?

Topic: Design Campus Ministry for Relationship

Host: Theresa O’Keefe, Boston College School of Theology

Question for Discussion:

  • How might you re-envision your ministry’s CMTEV activities to prioritize relationship? How might you re-envision your ministry’s worship to emphasize relationships and belonging?

Topic: Vocation and Gaps

Host: Patrick Reyes, FTE

Questions for Discussion:

  • How might you adapt your CMTEV activities to create safe spaces that nurture young people of color as they seek God’s meaning and purpose for their lives.

Topic: Mental Health for College Students

Host: Nathaniel West, Virginia Union University

Question for Discussion:

  • Students are arriving to campus mentally exhausted. How might your CMTEV activities create spaces to account for the mental health of your students this year and their weariness around making decisions?

Topic: White Women Faithfully Navigating Spirituality

Host: Katherine Turpin, Iliff School of Theology

Questions for Discussion:

  • White women have a strong presence in contemporary publishing related to spirituality. What are the characteristic themes of these works and how do they respond to characteristic distortions of the soul related to the social construction of white womanhood?
  • How might white women faithfully engage practices and perspectives of spirituality that move beyond these voices while being accountable to the ways in which white spirituality has the potential to appropriate and commodify resources from other communities and traditions?

Topic: Spiritual direction and Contemplative Practices with young adults

Host: Susan Phillips, New College Berkeley

Question for Discussion:

  • Many CMTEV ministries are exploring spiritual direction and contemplative practices to support young adults as they discern vocation. How might you include these elements as resources to your students.

Topic: Taking a Year of Sabbath

Hosts: Madeline Chandler & Katherine Perry, UNC Students

Questions for Discussion:

  • How might you create opportunities for students to engage in a sabbath year while in college to support their wellbeing?
  • What can that practically look like and what are lessons learned from a program that has tried this?

Topic: Hybridity and a post COVID Future

Host: Mary Hess, Luther Theological Seminary

Question for Discussion:

  • Having learned so much during COVID, how might you incorporate the use of new media and technology into your ongoing CMTEV activities?

Topic: CMTEV Evaluation Learnings
Hosts: David Guthrie and Chris Kirk, Penn State University

Questions for Discussion

  • What has been learned in a comprehensive evaluation of CMTEV programs to date?
  • How might this learning help our programs continue to offer meaningful experiences of vocation to our students?

*This event is for CMTEV grantees only. The Campus Ministry Theological Exploration of Vocation (CMTEV) is a coordinated initiative between the Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE) and the Lilly Endowment.


October 20, 2021