Ministry Exploration and Mentoring Projects for Mentors

Fall Deadline - Oct 27

Applications Open

Identify a Young Leader's Gift for Ministry

Young people exploring the intersection between their faith, gifts and what they might do professionally, do not always consider Christian ministry as a way to make a difference in the world. They need leaders who notice, name and nurture the gifts they have for ministry. The Ministry Exploration and Mentoring Grant provides leaders opportunities to identify young adults with gifts for ministry, accompany them in the exploration of their purpose and cultivate them for Christian leadership.

Eligibility & Awards

FTE awards grants to diverse alumni who are leaders of congregations, academic institutions or church-related organizations. 

Recipients receive a one-year grant up to $2,000 to recruit young adults for ministry. Leaders will gather annually to share challenges, best practices and recruitment resources.

Application deadlines: June 2 & October 27


Eligible ministry leaders must be a ministry professional—Christian pastor, minister, Christian educator or professor—or leader within the church that mentors, accompanies or supports young adults’ vocational exploration and discernment. Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to Christian ministry and articulate how their activity or project will deepen young adults’ sense of call, exploration, and enrichment of ministry.

Applicants may apply for a one-year grant up to $2,000 to recruit young adults for Christian ministry. Grant recipients are required to provide an annual report on their recruitment efforts within 12 months after they receive their award.

Activities for mentoring 

Applications should provide a description (up to 4 pp.) of what the applicant plans to do to recruit young adults for ministry.

Use of funds

Applicants must include a budget (1p.) for how funds will be used.

FTE will evaluate application using the following criteria. Proposals should demonstrate:

  • Leaders working in a context with young adults who are open to exploring a call to Christian ministry and who have not already decided to pursue ministry.
  • A track record or gifts for recruiting or working with young adults.
  • A desire to expose young adults to ways faith communities can be places where they can make a difference in the world.
  • A commitment to participate in FTE’s research project on young adults and ministry.
  • A commitment to participate in Grantee Learning Cohort conference calls.

Please contact Heather B.P. Wallace or send a message to us on our contact page.


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