Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE)  Announces 2024 Board of Trustees

ATLANTA (April 2, 2024) – The Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE) proudly announces its 2024 board members, embodying a collective commitment to nurturing tomorrow's leaders in Christian communities. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, these esteemed individuals bring invaluable perspectives to guide FTE's mission of inspiring and cultivating transformative leadership.

FTE empowers gifted young adults to discern their purpose, passion, and calling. As a leadership incubator, FTE inspires the next generation to effect positive change in their communities through Christian service, ministry, and teaching.

Throughout history, Christian leaders have played pivotal roles in fostering vibrant faith communities, striving for justice, and sharing the Gospel. The 2024 board members exemplify this tradition, each contributing a wealth of experience and dedication to advancing FTE's mission.

Rev. Stephen Lewis, President of FTE, brings twenty years of leadership experience, infusing strategic direction into FTE's programs. His background at Moody’s Investors Service and Bank of America enriches his stewardship of FTE's mission.

FTE’s 2024 Board Officers–Perret, Brooks, and Bloom–bring a wealth of knowledge and experiences to serve the organization well. As the Board Chair, Ms. Andrea Perrett leverages her expertise from directing church planting networks and leading community initiatives. Her visionary leadership fosters innovation and inclusivity within FTE's initiatives.

Reverend Ernest A. As Vice Chair, Brooks III channels his expertise in executive searches and organizational governance to strengthen FTE's leadership network. His commitment to social justice and diversity aligns with FTE's core values and advances these values in future hires.

Dr. Matt Bloom, Secretary/Treasurer, bridges academia, entrepreneurship, and research, informing well-being practices in FTE's programs. His dedication to integrating research with nonprofit initiatives propels FTE forward in its mission.

Other esteemed trustees, comprising Rev. Aisha Brooks-Johnson, Rev. John Helmiere, Ms. Soon Mee Kim, Dr. Shively T. J. Smith, Mr. J. Larry Stine, and Rev. Dr. Starsky Wilson, offer specialized knowledge and distinct viewpoints necessary to steer FTE's strategic direction and mission. Their joint dedication to fostering justice, equity, and inclusivity influences FTE's endeavors to develop emerging leaders for the church and academy.


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About Forum for Theological Exploration 

Since 1954, the Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE) has been committed to cultivating tomorrow's leaders to be faithful, wise, and courageous for the church and academy. FTE provides resources, events, networks, grants, and fellowships to empower purposeful students, young adults, and partners to explore their passion, purpose, and call. For more information, visit 

Chrishaun Hoopes
Director of Communications