Architects for a Better Future: Mercy Community Church

A Community for All God's People

Learn from Pastors Chad Hyatt, Tracey Lynn, and Brittney Fiscus-Van Rossum from Mercy Community Church as they discuss the significance of creating inclusive and supportive communities that value every individual’s contribution. Hear from Ivan and Herman about how Mercy Community Church has impacted their lives by providing a place of belonging.

Mercy Community Church

Mercy Community Church is a grassroots, ecumenical, open, and affirming congregation that meets in the basement of a big church on a busy street in the heart of Atlanta, GA. This church believes that God desires life, health, dignity, and sanctuary for all.

...we are called to build communities together where everyone is beloved by God, where everyone is an equal value and a mutual member of the community… Brittany Fiscus-Van Rossum