One Minute to Inspire with David Lewicki One Minute to Inspire Series

Whenever you arrive at an existing church as a pastor, it’s been there before you and it’s going to be there after you’re gone. So it’s not your church to remake. It’s your opportunity to help that congregation redefine and re-engage.

David is the co-pastor of North Decatur Presbyterian Church in Decatur, Georgia. When he and his wife arrived to be co-pastors about four years ago, they found a congregation with an amazing history but whose spirit seemed a little low. They started to talk to people and ask, “What do you love about this church? What do you like to learn about and how do you like to learn? What in worship lights up your spirit?” From the responses they received they got a clear sense of what this community’s passions are and created a plan that does nothing more than bring those passions to the surface. For David and his wife, it wasn’t about reinventing the church, but it was about listening really closely to people’s answers about what makes them happy about church and doing more of that rather than less.