Architects for a Better Future: Sisters Chapel at Spelman College

What does moving forward look like?

Meet Rev. Dr. Neichelle Guidry who serves as the dean of the chapel and the director of the WISDOM Center at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. After the chapel experienced an extended period of growth, Neichelle recognized the pace of the work was quickly leading her to a burn out. In this video, she shares what changes were implemented and how bringing along like-minded people to aid in the work can lead to building a better future.   

Sisters Chapel at Spelman College

Sisters Chapel is the religious and spiritual center of Spelman College. Dedicated in 1927, Sisters Chapel has become a transformative space for Atlanta University Center students who seek to integrate the mind and the spirit, as they aspire to become active and responsible global citizens.

We centralize the stories, voices, and lived experiences of Black women. Neichelle Guidry