Leaders in the Academy Spotlight on Yuki Schwartz

Through her vocation as an academic theologian, Yuki Schwartz pursues the ways in which people of varying faiths make meaning about being together in community. As a voice of color in the academy, Yuki mentors and ministers students about how to speak theologically in diverse community. She found her calling through a ministry ‘field trip’ where she witnessed first hand serious issues of immigration, trade and migration, and their impact on the faith community. She “saw what St. Francis called ‘praying with your hands and feet’,” and dedicated her work to the global religious community, sharing the potential and power in reaching across boarders. Being an FTE fellow has provided Yuki with “a cloud of witnesses” and support to her scholarship, enabling her work to strengthen voices of color in the academy.

The acceptance letter from FTE was an affirmation of my work and my mentoring, and my dream and my goal of being a scholar of color in the academy.