One Minute to Inspire with Becca Stevens

Becca is the founder of Magdalene and Thistle Farms in Nashville, Tennessee. As an ordained Episcopal priest, Becca dedicates her life to help individual women who really desire to make a change . She believes that no one ends up on the streets by themselves—it takes one failed community after another to get there. As an ordained Episcopal priest for 23 years, Becca has dedicated her life and ministry to helping women who have survived lives of prostitution, trafficking and addiction. She believes that community can help heal these women’s lives and love is the most powerful force for social change. “One thing that I have learned that has been the most encouraging thing is that people want to hope with you.” Becca isn’t focused on what an individual can or cannot do but instead inspires those around her to foster a community that works and hopes together so that people’s lives can be restored.

Truly there is something healing and beautiful in community.